visual artist

06-06-2016, somewhere in The Netherlands, after a few drinks.

"I don't know, it's pretty much just me looking at everyday life and going: this sh*t is is pretty f*cked up. And then I paint about it. To be honest, a lot of stuff bothers me. Most of the times I just try to be like: meh, but you can't be 'meh' all the time, you know?''


''I wish I was like this cool dude who had the right thing to say in any situation, but really i'm an overthinking emotional perfectionist who knows exactly what to say two days after the f*cking thing happened. I need time to think, you know? That's what got me drawing. It's just me and my thoughts and whatever appears on canvas must be what i'm trying to say. Dark stuff needs bright colours or people won't deal with it.

Truth is: sh*t is pretty beautiful if you take the time to really look, and that's all i'm trying to do: make you look."

- Adrian Rayne.